P.A.'s are your benefactor

P.A.’s are your benefactors

In our last post we introduced ourselves to the business, and learnt how to become infamous within one day. Now to secure your position, now to ensure safety and stability, how to almost guarantee an extension to your contract.

Be nice to everybody, learn to be loved, but above all love the Personal Assistants.

Hunt them down, shoot the breeze, ask advice, make them feel valuable, get them a coffee and be nice to them.

The reason being they are the power behind the throne, the bosses, your boss, the paymasters and gatekeepers are likely to be influenced by their P.A.’s. More than likely they won’t want to upset their P.A.s and in some instances they will be frightened of their P.A.

When the cost saving axe comes out which it does from time to time your name will be at the bottom of the list, you will survive. This may be because of your value, contribution and overall performance however it will be because the P.A. shan’t be offended.

Try it, it works every time, trust me.

– The Day Rate Gigolo