Oh No! They’ve just offered me the permanent job

This is a delicate subject and if you are any good as an interim manager you will experience it. In short the management team should and will be impressed by your performance, invariably they have a position to fill, that’s why they brought you in.

It then strikes them that who is better to do the job than you? You have proved you are capable, you are willing and you have integrated with the team.

So they will take you into a quiet corner and ask you “do you fancy it”?

Be very careful, they will in their minds be paying you a big compliment. Or put another way, they are asking the temp if they want to join the team and have a proper job.

It isn’t even worth pointing out that the role of the Interim Manager was a career choice for you not something you are doing until a real job turns up.

Don’t dare telling them that they couldn’t afford you.

Stroke your chin as a wise sage would, and then politely explain the following:-

– In all organisations people in permanent positions should ideally be in a position where they are developing towards being competent or at best fully competent.

– Any permanent employee who is over competent for their role will be looking for progression, or bored, or looking outside.

– However conversely all interims should be over competent for the role that they have been brought in to perform. Nobody wants to train and develop an interim. The interim needs to hit the decks running, and in effect do the job with one hand tied behind their back.

Now is the time to explain that yes you are honored to be asked to join the organisation however it couldn’t possibly be in your existing position but in a role that is more aligned to your skills and experience. One in which you can develop. One that is more senior than your existing assignment.

It is at this point that the penny drops and the statement of “Oh..You mean my job?” is the response.

Shrug your shoulders; raise an eyebrow, either way the permanent job offer is brushed under the carpet.

 – The Day Rate Gigolo

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