Live like a king : queen…perhaps

Live Like a King/Queen ….. perhaps

As a new interim manager one of the adventures awaiting you is the life of a long-term inmate of some hotel or other. So which hotel? Your choice, or is it chosen for you? Five star luxury or budget B&B?

It all begins when you start to think about your month end invoice, this normally has three significant line items 1) Day rate 2) Living Expenses 3) Grand Total. As a new interim management there is a temptation to keep Living Expenses as low as you possibly can, and by doing this you seem like better value for money. Trust me don’t do it.

A better approach and one that seems to work about 80% of the time is as follows. Approach your bosses P.A. in advance of your start date and ask them “Where do your people stay when they are down here for meetings/business?”. More often than not it will be a good quality business hotel with leisure facilities and a hearty breakfast. Alternatively on occasions the company will have an arrangement with a national chain of hotels and they let you piggy back on that arrangement, added bonus here as all the cost disappears from your invoice.

If you can’t speak to your Boss or their P.A. in advance of your start date then book for one week in a notoriously poor hotel in a bad part of town. Grin and bear it. The company will be horrified, rally round, and put you in the local posh hotel by Tuesday night.

Next Installment – How to explain your exorbitant day rate to your co-workers.

– The Day Rate Gigolo