Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Annual Survey 2020 - Greenwell Gleeson

Institute of Interim Management (IIM) Annual Survey 2020

The Institute of Interim Management (IIM) has in the last week published its annual survey for 2020. Around 2500 professionals responded allowing the IIM to provide the most authoritative survey on the current state of the interim market in the UK. As well as providing statistical information the survey also lists the Top 80 interim providers in the UK.

Greenwell Gleeson is exceptionally pleased to confirm that in the 2020 survey we achieved our highest ever ranking. We were voted 16th overall putting us in the top bracket of platinum providers for the first time. It also allows us to confirm for the 9th year in a row we are ranked the Number One Specialist Accountancy & Financial recruiter across the whole of the UK.

We would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank all those professionals who, as part of completing the survey, kindly expressed a positive opinion on the service we provide and secondly the IIM for their efforts in undertaking the survey and compiling the report.

Download the Interim Management Survey here