photocopier interim manager

Hints and Tips for the Interim Manager – by The Day Rate Gigolo

After more years than I care to (or can) remember plying my trade as an interim manager I have decided to spill the beans.

Some of this has been stolen, well most of it, and some of it came to me in a flash of inspiration.

I will endeavour to share my knowledge and experience for what it is worth. Share hints and tips for those new and experienced in the world of the white collared mercenary.

We will start at the beginning, day one of your first assignment. You can forget the cosy world of a new “job” and spending the first month “meeting and greeting”, “getting to know you meetings” and generally sliding yourself quietly into your new company. You are an interim, you are expected to hit the decks running at a thousand miles an hour, in a job you have never done before, for a company you didn’t know existed before you googled them last week and more importantly with legions of people who don’t know who you are or more to the point couldn’t care less. What do you do?

Day 1 – Rule 1 – Move the photocopier

Let’s face it most people don’t give a hoot who you are or what you do. They care less about your name. (Don’t worry they will care as time goes by and they find out how much you are being paid – More on this in later dispatches). So how do you introduce yourself, how to get known and how to get remembered by everybody in the building. Simple move the photocopier!

The effect is instantaneous.

Discomfort at best and more likely revolt.

Every single person who walks by will ask, “Who has moved the photocopier?…..Who is he/she?…..Where have they come from?” (NB nobody will ask why!)

Infamy in no time at all, every person in every department will now know you, know your name, know that you are new, and while they may be uncomfortable, know that you make things happen.

Now get on the rest of your role and particularly – Rule 2 – PA’s are your benefactors (our next instalment).

Oh and I almost forgot……

Day 2 – Rule 1.1. – Move the photocopier back – you are now a friend of the worker and the people’s champion.