Cricket - Greenwell Gleeson


Cricket is an integral part to our social offering at greenwellgleeson – and this year was no different.

The return to Moseley CC heralded some familiar faces to a new battleground, whilst welcoming some new players to the fold. A slightly different format this year saw the greenwellgleeson XI take on the Invitational XI in a comfortably one-sided affair. A dominating batting display from returnee Will Copeland coupled with some excellent supporting acts saw the “Invitationals” post a healthy score for GGLTD to chase.

An equally effective bowling attack saw the evidently USELESS greenwellgleeson team fall comfortably short of the required target. Some heroic last ditch effort from the likes of newcomer Matt Ryan and veteran Steve Rai were not enough to revive the mediocre start.

Another day under lovely weather saw BBQ and beer abundant – with some very fruitful networking occurring under the radar!

After trying a go ourselves – August saw greenwellgleeson return with some more guests in tow to Edgbaston; home of the Mighty Bears. England took on a very hot & cold West Indies on Day 2 of the first ever Day-Night Test match to be played in the UK.

After a fairly steady Day 1 – we witnessed another fairly steady Day 2 which saw the end of England’s batting innings, and the beginning of the West Indies’ first. Easily distracted by the great chat as usual – the Beer started the afternoon swiftly followed by ever-increasing orders of Pimms. We struck very lucky with the weather, missing minimal play due to rain. Right day for the weather, wrong day for the cricket as Day 3 saw England take 19 wickets to decimate the Windies!

Nonetheless – I’m sure all in attendance will agree it was once again, a successful trip to Edgbaston for some World Class cricket coupled with some World Class chat.