Greenwell Gleeson - Barcelona


Following a great couple of quarters we were fortunate enough to be whisked away to Barcelona for three nights courtesy of Rob Lawton to not only celebrate a great year so far but to also celebrate Duncan’s 20 year servitude to greenwellgleeson.

We have Ryanair to thank for an earlier-than-expected arrival in the Catalan Capital – after a late rush to source new flights – we fell on a bonus earlier flight available on the same day.

La Cerveza, la Sangría y la Sunshine were present in abundance from minute 1 and the atmosphere was on high from the start. A scenario entailing 14 recruitment professionals married to a weekend in Barcelona is a powder-keg for unforgettable memories – and the occasion didn’t disappoint. From beach volleyball, questionable nightclubs on Las Ramblas, the male members of the team being denied access to Barcelona’s most exclusive rooftop bar, as well as others having to spend a day in bed with illness (hangover) it is safe to say that we all had an amazing time and we managed to get through the weekend without any dramas, injuries or anybody getting arrested (which is always a bonus).

We even managed to make our ‘red eyed’ flight back to Brum on the final day. The weekend brought the whole team together and solidified our motto of work hard, play hard and how we all get on so well as a team.  Monday back in the office was certainly a struggle for most but we are already working hard and looking forward to next years shenanigans.

Where to next hey Rob…