An Interims Resolutions

An Interims Resolutions

Tucking into a well-earned mince pie and sipping from a festive glass of mulled wine now is the time to reflect on how you have performed this year, and more importantly what you will do next year.

Let us put some thought into our profession, our creed and values and the promises we need to make.

Here are mine:-

1. Never to mention my day rate to my co-workers.

2. Always let people know that you don’t get paid for holidays and illness, that you have to pay for your own training and do it in your own time.

3. Never let people know that you have never had a day off ill and while on contract ever take a days holiday, and that you gave up with training courses some time in the &0s

4. Always try to submit my invoices on time.

5. Never charge statutory interest and fees for late payment of your invoices.

6. Always accept that the agency needs to charge for their services, don’t resent it, and don’t think it is your efforts that they are being paid for.

7. Never to try and get a contract direct where an agency once placed me.

8. Always take the person who is responsible for extending your contract out for a nice meal.

9. Never to leave work before your co-workers

10. Always to be at your desk before your peer group gets to work.

11. Never be seen by your boss making tea or coffee, not at what you are paid and hour.

12. Always join in with the tea and coffee round at work and be seen to be one of the team.


– The Day Rate Gigolo