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A message from Rob Lawton

We should celebrate our relationships now more than ever.

Firstly can I wish anyone reading this post good health both to you, and your loved ones, for the weeks and months ahead.

It has been relatively a good couple of weeks at greenwellgleeson in the most basic of metrics, new placements. Over the weekend I decided I wanted to pen an open note thanking the whole of my team, and importantly, their families for the support they provide to our team members because it is through their support that they help the team to keep going. Thank you all for your unstinting efforts since lock-down started.

My thoughts turned to should we celebrate and communicate our success with so much pain and heartache around and if so how? Any celebrations should for now be muted, this is not time for bravado. Then it struck me..

The relative success we have had is down to our combined efforts, expertise and one very important other factor… RELATIONSHIPS and we should not hold back on celebrating our relationships. For it is our relationships that will get us, as individuals, families, groups and businesses through to the other side. It is hard to forge new, genuine, real relationships at the best of times but ever more so when we cannot meet people in person and are mostly sat at home with a screen and a phone as our only means for communication.

So I won’t hold back on celebrating the relationship with Richard Moulton an exceptional finance interim that became my first placement since lock-down in mid-March. We as a business have known Richard since 2006 and I personally have known him for over a decade. Through our long-standing relationship it was possible to provide the right solution to my client. I celebrate the relationship with my client, a CFO I have known for nearly a decade, who trusted me to deliver for him in these most testing of times.

It was nearly 22 years ago that I joined greenwellgleeson and I celebrated Richard’s placement as richly as I did my very first one all those years ago…maybe even more so .. and I was able to do so because of relationships.

The other fees we as a team have made in the last few weeks, and expected to make in the coming weeks, all stem from relationships our business, my team, have forged with our stakeholders.

It will be relationships that will, health willing, get us to the other side.

It is relationships that hopefully will allow our business to bring back our colleagues who have been sadly furloughed.

You don’t email relationships. With so much to do, and with a smaller team due to furloughing, it is hard to get round to speak to all the individuals we already have relationships with and even harder to forge new ones with prospective clients or excellent finance professionals that our clients will for certain need to help the UK economy recover. But we will try and try, and try …because at the end of the day it is relationships that matter!

Rob Lawton
Owner & Managing Director