Duncan Wise - Greenwell Gleeson

A day in the life of “Mr greenwellgleeson”

‘So, business development is all breakfasts, lunches, dinners and drinks and an opportunity to gain a few pounds and inches’. That was the line I was fed towards the end of 2016. There have been plenty of the nice trappings that come with networking and I have been entertained at Edgbaston, Deloitte and various other establishments across the West Midlands but there is the still a day job to do.

Business development is about managing expectations so that the client and the team are able to work together on assignments when they arise.  Speaking of teams it’s imperative that greenwellgleeson are capable of delivering to the clients as this is key to the relationship going forwards. There is another arm with which I am working and this is the business community. The banks, auditors, lawyers and insurance brokers are all key holders of information and if they can help our business then I will do my best to help theirs too.

So far this year we have, via our links with the local business community, helped numerous clients resolve various issues ranging from changing auditors, obtain new funding, re-banking and even one that wanted to outsource their payroll. For the business community team to work, there has to be reciprocity and so far so good. We are helping our partners in the business community drive their business interests and likewise, their referrals to us now contribute a material sum to our revenue stream.

In a nutshell Business Development is all about keeping all of the plates spinning at all times…